Friday, April 22, 2016

Toronto’s Two Aprils (2016)


April is the month of surprises and changes; it is much like October but it moves in the opposite direction. It sits between the past and the future, carrying with it both memories and hope. “Hope springs eternal,” the British poet Alexander Pope said, and such is April. The two photos tell the story, the poetic story of the two Aprils, it being the fourth month of our solar calendar.

April 6th at 11 a.m. Temperature: –1°C (31°F); Direction: North. Snow is falling, and April is shaping up as a month with greater snow accumulation than December. 
Photo Credit & Source: ©Perry J. Greenbaum, 2016

April 18th at 7:30 a.m. Temperature: 9°C (48°F); Direction: North. The forecast is sunny and a high of 24°C.(75°F). Tree buds are clearly visible.
Photo Credit & Source: ©Perry J. Greenbaum, 2016

Happy Passover (Pesach) to all who are celebrating this eight-day Jewish festival of freedom. The first seder begins tonight after sundown, which coincides with the 15th of Nisan in the Jewish calendar. And remember that if you are in the midst of overeating, you can take comfort in the words of the immortal song, Dayenu.

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