Monday, June 20, 2016

Father’s Day At Edwards Gardens (2016)

Seasonal Beauty

Yesterday, we spent a lovely day at Edwards Gardens, part of Toronto Botanical Garden, one of my favorite spots in Toronto. The weather was picture perfect, hot with clear skies, the way I like it. And, yes, that’s me in my new summer hat. Many of the flowers were in full bloom, coaxed out by the hot weather (above 30°C) we have been experiencing the last few days. Many people were out and about. Absent, at least this time, were the ducks and the geese we usually encounter by the water; but we did meet a couple of groundhogs (Marmota monax)which are not only called woodchucks, but also bear a strong resemblance to squirrels.

All Photos: Credit & Source: ©Perry J. Greenbaum, 2016

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