Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Tennis Game

The Sporting Life

Me & Jack: After the game, we went to the local mall for a coffee and for a post-game chat. It was a good July 4th morning all around.
Photo Credit & Source: Jack Eigenmacht, 2016

few weeks ago, I said I would be hitting the tennis courts after a long five-year absence of not touching a racket, and as a result I was becoming stressed out over it. Here is my report: I played better than expected and better than my friend and tennis opponent expected. I didn’t play a game, but I hit some ground-strokes, tried some serves and even a volley or two. I was on the court for an hour and did quite a bit of running. My forehand is much better than my backhand, which needs a lot of work. Even so, when I switched to an one-handed backhand, I was more successful in returning Jack’s shots. I would say that Jack was by far the better man on the court, but this might change in the future. Such is often the case with tennis; once the tennis techniques are in place—the physical part of the game—it all comes down to the mental game.