Friday, August 12, 2016

Elmhurst Dairy In Montreal

Memories & Nostalgia

Sunday Ice Cream: A delivery van pulled by two horses in front Elmhurst Dairy at 7460 Upper Lachine Road in Montreal.
Photo CreditConrad Poirier (1912–1968); taken October 12, 1942
Source: Wikipedia via National Library and Archives of Québec, Vieux-Montréal

This long-time Montreal institution holds a special memory for me. Every Sunday afternoon, we would all hop in my father’s car for a 20-minute ride to Elmhurst Dairy for our ice cream cone. They sold hard ice cream to the public. We did this for years during the 1970s after my father first discovered the place. The site had two iconic cow’s heads out front (Elsie & Elmer) and we would joke that one of them was our mother (she was named Elsie, a popular name for her generation of women.). The cows were a fixture until 1978. Like many things from my past, Montreal’s Elmhurst Dairy is no more. Speaking more to this point, I read recently that Elmhurst Dairy in New York City is planning to close at the end of October 2016, saying it could no longer continue to operate “without ongoing losses.” So, in other words, it wasn’t making a profit; and so the last milk-processing plant in NYC will soon shut its doors.


  1. As a kid growing up in Montreal West from 1939 - 1961 we often went in the family car for yummy ice cream cones. We could go there by bike too, but then we would have dig into our meger allowance to buy the cones ourselves! Loved the giant heads of Elsie and Elmer, heard they were salvaged (not sure where they are now). Was told that some of my distant relatives (Trenholm's) owned the farm land where the dairy was located, which is probably true because Avenue Trenholme is one block north of the dairy. Next to the dairy was a big old red brick house that had been owned by the Trenholm's (I think) and had been converted to a senior assisted living facility (don't know if its still there).

  2. Thanks Peter for the sharing of a happy memory.


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