Sunday, August 14, 2016

Heart: These Dreams (1985)

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart perform “These Dreams,” which is the fourth track on the American band’s eight studio album, Heart (1985). The song is sung by Nancy Wilson, the first time that she takes lead vocal; she does a phenomenal job, her voice soaring and yet resonating with so many. This song rekindles dreams of another kind, the ones we have when awake: most everyone I know has had dreams, Big Dreams, Secret Dreams, etc. especially when young. In 1985, I was still young enough (27) to have these kind of dreams.

Only a few realize their original dreams, which is the fuel of hope. I don’t know if any other life form has dreams, but these dreams are a necessary and welcome part of our humanity. Dreams of a better life, one that is better than our current situation. when we get older, dreams tend to become smaller, more modest, but they remain, nevertheless, within the realm of genuine dreams. However modest these dreams may be, they are not always easy to achieve, to reach full potential. For all of us, great and small, these dreams are aching to be realized, to come into fruition, to achieve a form of recognition. When they do, they are marked and accompanied by both pent-up tears of frustration and of joy. The latter often cannot come without the former.