Saturday, August 20, 2016

Middle East Faces Long-Term Extreme Weather Conditions

Global Warming

Unbearable Heat: The sustained heat wave in the Middle East has made it unbearable for both humans and animals, including beasts of burdens. Temperatures in some places have soared above 50°C (122°F). In this photo, a man pours water over himself while washing a horse in order to cool it down as part of measures taken to ease the effect of a heatwave at the Beirut Hippodrome, Lebanon. Such weather will become normalized for the Middle East, Karen Graham writes for The Independent: In coming decades, U.N. officials and climate scientists predict that the region’s mushrooming populations will face extreme water scarcity, temperatures almost too hot for human survival and other consequences of global warming.” While one can argue that predictive models on something as complicated as climate can be less than accurate, one must soon realize that when the majority of the world’s scientists can agree on something as controversial as climate change, one can find assurance that what they and the models are predicting must be undeniably true. Denying a reality does not make it go away.  Yet, in the case of devout diehards. common on social media, they will not be persuaded; they will not be convinced. For more, go to [TheIndependent]
Photo Credit: Mohamed Azakir; Reuters