Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our Family Vacation In Minden, Ontario (2016)

Rest & Relaxation

We spent last week at a cottage in Minden, Ontario, which is part of the Kawartha Lakes region and county seat of Haliburton County. It is slightly more than a two-hour drive northeast of Toronto, and after about an hour, you no longer feel part of the urban sprawl of shopping malls, high rises and densely packed people. The town of Minden has less than 6,000 full-time residents with the numbers increasing during the summer. We found a lot of that small-town friendliness and charm, characteristics that are commonly found in novels, and which are not so easily apparent in a big city like Toronto. It was good to get away, and we are already looking forward to a longer stay next summer.

The Lake at dusk; the power lines at a distance; there is a 4.0-megawatt hydroelectric station located on the Gull River.

Eli Drinking green glass-bottle Coke while at a ’50s diner for lunch; red is a common color at such diners. We sat at a booth with red leatherette,

Ice Cream at Kawartha Dairy on Hwy 35; like many, we stopped here for an ice-cream cone. Delicious.

Josh & Eli out on the docks looking for frogs (Anura), which my boys would catch and then release.

Lily Pads by the docks. Where there are frogs, there are also lily pads. There is something serene and beautiful about them.

The Walkway on the Gull River in Minden; the river was used by lumberjacks as a waterway to send logs of pine, spruce and hemlock downstream to Trenton. 

Final and Important Note: Our vacation was made possible through Cottage Dreams, a wonderful organization which its website says, “help families touched by cancer reconnect and rejuvenate at a private, donated cottage.” I would like to thank Debbie Farrell of Cottage Dreams for making the arrangements, and Dan and Leslie Boissonneault for donating their lovely cottage. Merci beaucoup. It is people like you who make the world a better, more humane, place.

All photos: ©Perry J. Greenbaum, 2016

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