Monday, August 29, 2016

Rural Post Offices

Photo of the Week

71316, David at the Old Post Office, Acme, LA: Harper's writes in “Browsings“: “Rachel Boillot from Post Script, her series documenting the closure of rural post offices in the South, which is currently on view at the Half King Photography Series, in New York City.”
Photo Credit
Rachel Boillot 
Source: Harper’s

I have a love of post offices, particularly rural ones; for me. they form a means of communication to the outside world, and the people who work there are conduits of information. I enjoyed my regular trips to the post office to mail letters, packages and parcels. (The U.S. Postal Service always provided excellent service.) Such was my feelings of appreciation when I resided in rural New Hampshire (03225) more than a decade ago.That many such post offices are not only being closed, but torn down, does not bode well for future communication of the kind that involves intimate contact, a physical proximity. Sure, it is about something being lost, but not only a physical building. Assuredly, not everything can be measured in a financial ledger, and the people who think it can have likely never been to a rural post office to send a package across the country.