Monday, September 26, 2016

A Spacesuit Of Many Colours

Photo Of The Week

Spacesuit “Courage”: Expedition 49 flight engineer Kate Rubins, aboard the International Space Station, wears a flight suit (called Courage) hand-painted by pediatric cancer patients as part of The Space Suit Art Project. The colourful flight suit was worn to raise awareness about childhood cancer and the value of art in bettering health and wellness. The CollectSpace website writes: “The unique garment was produced by ‘The Space Suit Art Project,’ a collaboration between MD Anderson, NASA Johnson Space Center and ILC Dover, a company that develops NASA spacesuits. […] Born out of the hospital's Arts in Medicine Program, which helps patients cope with cancer treatment through art, The Space Suit Art Project inspired the leaders within NASA’s space station program to support the effort with help from astronauts, scientists and engineers. The agency provided the patterns for the suits and collaborated with ILC Dover to assemble the garments.”
Photo Credit: NASA

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