Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cat Stevens: Father and Son (1970)

Cat Stevens, a British singer, performs “Father and Son” shortly after the song’s release in 1970. Stevens, [born Steven Demetre GeorgiouJuly 21, 1948, London, England] adopted Cat Stevens as his stage name early in in his career (circa 1966) and legally changed his name to Yusuf Islam after his conversion to Islam in December 1977. The song is the second to last track on his fourth studio album, Tea for Tillerman, released on November 23, 1970. The song is a dialogue in music between a son wanting to leave home and his father who questions why he must do so at this time. There is a simplicity in the song, like many of Cat Stevens' music that belies its spiritual transcendence, in its search for universal love and truth—no easy matter.

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