Monday, September 12, 2016

Loss Of Connection

Photo of the Week

Playing The Game:Chess” by Lorna Simpson: This 2013 image is from an HD video installation with three projections. While this particular still image does not immediately bring to mind Simpson’s current work, it’s there in the making. The freedom to choose is illusory; we have the freedom to choose the same objects and “intellectual property” as everyone else—a direct result of the combined might and power of capitalism and globalization. It might be worth a visit to the gallery to see how this led to the the latest installation, which captures so much of what is happening today to fragment society, the grays, blacks and whites becoming a dominant colors, society, in effect, stripped of all color and natural beauty. The black-and-white chessboard thus becomes representative of this state of human affairs. Muted comes to mind. Aesthetica writes: “Enumerated (2016) featured in her upcoming exhibition, rises 12 feet high, consisting of hundreds of images of nails clustered in groups of five. Setting quite a hushed and poetic tone to the exhibition, Enumerated resemble the tally marks scratched onto prison walls as a record of days in captivity. Simpson leaves us to address the fragments in today’s political and social climate, through a series of paintings, lining a gallery wall. Almost as if the pages of Ebony magazine have been washed of all advertisement and editorial content, these features are skewed into a single motif or phrase for our reflection, grouped together by a gradient background with subtle tones of blacks, greys and white.” Lorna Simpson runs until October 22nd at Salon 94 Bowery in New York City. For more, go to [Salon94].
Photo Credit: Lorna Simpson, 2013
Source: Aesthetica

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