Monday, September 5, 2016

The Fruits Of War

Photo Of the Week

The Trojan Women: War brings its own momentum, its own rationality and its own justification, which often has little to do with justice; to the victors go the spoils, which include human slaves and the collective resources of the land that they have invaded. It also includes oppression and brutality and the humiliation of life under occupation. Such forms the narrative of human history, including the conflicts of recent and modern history, always making it a subject ripe for the stage. (L to R): Clea DeCrane, Rebeca Rad, Jenny Jarnagin, DeAnna Supplee, Chun Cho and Amanda Centeno in “The Trojan Women” at the Flea Theater in New York City. In The New York Times Review (“The Trojan Women’ Laments War and Bloodshed, From a Distance;” September 1, 2016), Laura Collins-Huhes writes: “Full of blame and bloodshed, Euripides’ ‘The Trojan Women’ is a lamentation of war from 415 B.C., when Athens was engaging in one devastating military conflict after another. Ellen McLaughlin’s lucid adaptation, receiving its belated New York premiere at the Flea Theater, had a contemporary impetus, too, when Ms. McLaughlin wrote it two decades ago: the Bosnian War.” The play runs to September 26th. For more, go to [NYT].
Photo Credit: Allison Stock
Source: NYT

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