Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bruce Nauman: Natural Light, Blue Light Room


Fluorescent Blues: The artist is American Bruce Nauman [born 1941; Fort Wayne, Indiana], who lives in New Mexico. The architectural installation named “Natural Light, Blue Light Room” dates to 1971.  It is now on display for the first time since then at Blain Southern, London, where viewers have their sensory perceptions tilted by the blue fluorescent light and bare blue walls. This installation shows how our state of being, our sense of balance and equilibrium, our homeostasis, if you will, can be so easily altered by the skillful use of colour and light. It also shows how easily we can become disoriented. Aesthetica writes: “Comprised of skylights accompanied by blue fluorescent lights, the artwork alters the viewer’s ability to perceive the space clearly. Whilst representative of the familiar minimalist aesthetic of the late 1960s and early 1970s, Natural Light, Blue Light Room also acts as a reminder of the alternative concepts that concerned Nauman at the time. Alongside the idea of pairing a piece or object down to the bare minimum, the artist also focused on subtle atmospheric changes that could be employed to create a particular physical or psychological experience for the viewer.” The installation runs until November 12th. For more, go to [BlainSouthern].
Photo Credit: Peter Mallet; ©Bruce Nauman, 2016
Source: Aesthetica