Monday, October 24, 2016

Taza in Reverie by Charlotte Dumas

Photograph Of The Week

“Taza,” a photograph by Charlotte Dumas, a Dutch photographer, is part of the series Reverie; her work will be on display in May 2017, as part of “Hunting with a Camera: Pioneers of Dutch Nature Photography,” an exhibition at the Dutch Fotomuseum, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. On Dumas’ site we can read more about the Reverie photos: “In 2005, Charlotte Dumas travelled to Norway and Sweden New York and Colorado to create portraits of the majestic canines in her series Reverie. Despite her close proximity to the wolves in her photographs, Dumas reveals the vast distance between the world of humans and wolves as her photographs portray the wolf as an enigmatic, imperceptible being.” It seems so unusual to see a grey wolf alone, away from the pack. This photo of the sleeping wolf reveals her vulnerability, something that is pointed out in the artist statement: “They not only convey their vulnerability at rest, but also reflect a falling, the losing of consciousness. “As I spent time with them I felt this was maybe one of the most intimate and private moments to witness: the gap between wakefulness and slumber, a space for dreaming and reverie.”
Photo Credit: ©Charlotte Dumas, 2005

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