Monday, November 7, 2016

Chicago Cubs: World Series Victory After a Century’s Wait

Photograph of the Week

The Wait is Over: Players celebrate as they typically do in baseball by congregating on and around the pitcher’s mound. There is always some ritual of piling on at some preferred location, be it baseball, hockey or football—it is the sign of victory after a hard fight. In this photo, the Chicago Cubs have just won the World Series baseball championship (on November 2nd), which they have not done since 1908—more than a century ago during baseball’s early years as a professional sport. In “Cubs End 108-Year Wait for World Series Title, After a Little More Torment;” November 3rd 2016), Billy Witz writes for The New York Times: “The Chicago Cubs did just that, shattering their 108-year championship drought in epic fashion: with an 8-7, 10-inning victory over the Cleveland Indians in Game 7, which began on Wednesday night, carried into Thursday morning and seemed to end all too soon.” Sure, they are millionaire-dollar athletes, but this shows that money alone is not as important a motivator for humans as a long-awaited victory (after so many years of defeat and heartbreak) in a fair and tough contest. One could add, perhaps with a touch of irony, that money does not act as a barrier, that even the rich like to celebrate a long-awaited victory. Well done, boys of summer. For more, go to [Sports Illustrated].
Photo Credit: Matt Slocum; AP
Source: NYT

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