Saturday, November 5, 2016

Man at the Centre

Human Consciousness

Self Awareness: We humans have long thought that we are the centre of things. Such is the way our brains have developed; it is part of our survival mechanism; and it is how we were created and designed. It is no surprise, then, that humans in general have developed thoughts and narratives that places us in the centre of such stories. The more we develop in a technological fashion, the more we search the cosmos, the more we delve into the mysteries of new sub-atomic particles, the greater our yearning to return to our central narratives, which is essentially about us. Even when we search the Heavens, in our desire for transcendence, it is to understand us and our place in the Universe. In “The Rise of Neo-Geocentrism” (November 2nd, 2016), John Horgan, in a blog for Scientific American, elucidates some of the current research in this area and on the ideas that influence it: “As far as we know, consciousness is a property of only one weird type of matter that evolved relatively recently here on Earth: brains. Neo-geocentrists nonetheless suggest that consciousness pervades the entire cosmos, and it might even have been the spark that ignited the big bang. These ideas are repackaged versions of ancient, Earth-centered cosmologies, such as the one depicted in this 16th-century map.”
Image Credit: Bartolomeu Velho ca.1568 Bibilotèque Nationale de France,
Source: Scientific American

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