Friday, January 6, 2017

David “Dudu” Fisher: Theme From Exodus (2009)

Video Credit & Source: It is found on Youtube [here].

David “Dudu” Fisher, an Israeli cantor and stage star, performs “Theme From Exodus,” the title track of the 1961 soundtrack album of the 1960 film, Exodus, directed by Otto Preminger. This is the 21st and last track from the album, Dudu Fisher: In Concert From Israel (2009). The lyrics were written by Pat Boone and the musical score by Ernest Gold. This song was recorded by many American artists, including Pat Boone [here] and Andy Williams [here]; and French artist Edith Piaf [here].

The film, which starred Paul Newman, was based on the 1958 historical novel, Exodus, by Leon Uris on the founding of the State of Israel, a state founded with the express purpose of giving the Jewish People a home, a safe haven. Such a purpose became more pronounced after its enemies tried to annihilate the Jewish People during the Second World War. Israel is the only Jewish state in the world. [There are 22 Arab states; 57 Islamic states; many Christian states.] Such describes the Zionist dream, the Zionist enterprise, a homeland for the Jews. There is nothing surprising about this desire. It is sane. It is normal. It is moral.


by Ernest Gold & Pat Boone

This land is mine
God gave this land to me
This brave and ancient land to me
And when the morning sun
Reveals her hills and plains
Then I see a land
Where children can run free
So take my hand
And walk this land with me
And walk this lovely land with me

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Tho' I am just a man
When you are by my side
With the help of God
I know I can be strong

To make this land our home
If I must fight, I'll fight
To make this land our own
Until I die, this land is mine