Saturday, July 8, 2017

Edwards Gardens in July (2017)

Toronto Botanical Garden

We spent last Sunday, the day after Canada Day, at Edwards Gardens, a place that we visit regularly. Here are some of the photos that I took. Everything was in full bloom, including Eli, our 9-year-old, who took to flight, albeit briefly. Our cat (George) also came along for the ride; he’s the silent type.

Red & Whites: Some pinks and yellows, too; and the leaves of green, grew.
By the Flagpole

Flying in the Air

Our Cat George:

The Stream: Although not evident in this photo, a family of ducks made their way on this waterway. The water was at its lowest level since we have been coming here, which is odd considering the amount of rain we have had this year.

All Photos (with the exception of George): ©2017. Perry J. Greenbaum
Photo of George:  ©2017. Eli G. Greenbaum

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