Saturday, August 26, 2017

Leo Fuchs: Ich Vil Zeyn a Boarder (1937)

Ich Vil Zeyn a Boarder (“I Want to be a Boarder”), a 1937 short film by Joseph Seiden and starring Leo Fuchs and Yetta Zwerling: The National Center for Jewish Film, which completed the restoration of this 15-minute film in 1986 to the quality that you now see, writes: “A small classic of Yiddish absurdism (made from outtakes from the Joseph Seiden feature I Want to Be a Mother) showcases Leo Fuchs’ comic virtuosity. Fuchs and Yetta Zwerling play a husband and wife who seek to reignite their marriage by pretending to be landlady and tenant in a flurry of comic role-reversals.” It’s all good fun. Leo Fuchs [1911–1994] was born into a Yiddish theatrical family in Warsaw, Poland. He made his American debut at the Second Avenue Theater—located in New York City’s Yiddish Theatre District—in Lucky Boy with Moishe Oysher in 1929.


  1. My parents and I went to see almost every single Yiddish play on Second Avenue from about 1944 until about 1960. I saw both Leo Fuchs and Yetta Zwerling perform. I admired Fuchs and absolutely adored Zwerling.

  2. I can see why; from what I can see in this clip, both are outstanding performers.


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