Sunday, August 27, 2017

Molly Picon: ‘For You I Sing’ in Mamele (1938)

Mamele (1938), starring Molly Picon (as Khavtshi Samet) & Edmund Zayenda (as Schlesinger) and directed by Joseph Green & Konrad Tom. The 97-minute film was shot in inter-war Poland, and is set in Lodz. The Jewish Women’s Archive writes: “Picon, over forty, played Khavtski, an energetic twelve-year-old gamin who cares for her widowed father and six siblings. This was the last Jewish film made in Poland before the Nazi onslaught.” The National Center for Jewish Film, which restored this little gem, writes: “Mamele belongs to Molly Picon, ‘Queen of the Yiddish Musical,’ who shines as Mamele (little mother), the dutiful daughter keeping her family intact after the death of their mother. She's so busy cooking, cleaning, and matchmaking for her brothers and sisters that she has little time for herself, until she discovers the violinist across the courtyard!” Molly Picon [1898–1992] was born as Małka Opiekun in New York City, the daughter of Jewish immigrants from Poland. She began her acting career at age 6 in the Yiddish theater, which would make her a star.
Via: Youtube and The National Center for Jewish Film