Sunday, August 20, 2017

Projections of Life: Jewish Life Before World War II

Di Yidisher Velt

“Keyner iz nit azoy toyb vi der vos vil mit hern.”

Pre-War Jewish Life: This rare and intimate footage (almost 30 minutes) of di Yidisher velt, most of it shot by amateurs, is provided courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive. It shows a vibrant Jewish life—a Yiddishkayt—before a war (“the krieg”) that resulted in the destruction of Europe, in the destruction of a thriving Jewish community in Eastern Europe that has yet to be restored. With such great losses, with such great numbers (6 million individuals, of whom one and a half million were children), it would be a miracle if the European Jewish community could ever return to its former glory. Yes, it has survived, and we are thankful for this, but we mourn what and, most important, who was lost—so many people, including those in this video. We continue to do the good that we can, the good that we ought to, the good that we have a moral obligation to carry out.
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