Wednesday, August 23, 2017

We Are the World (1985)

Mir Zenen Di Velt

Via: Youtube

The story behind the recording of “We Are the World,” the theme song of United Support of Artists (USA) for Africa, made up of 45 well-known musicians who came in and took part in this recording session at A&M Studios in Los Angeles on the evening of January 28, 1985; Quincy Jones is the producer. 

This recording session was the inspiration of Harry Belafonte, who was inspired by Bob Geldof’s Band Aid the year before. This is narrated by Jane Fonda, an actress and political activist. The final result begins at 42:00. For more details and background information, go [here], [here], and [here].

Yes, these might be a group of “do-gooders” at work, wanting to make the world a better place, by putting their creative and artistic talents to helping others. Can you imagine why? Vus eppes? Because they do not have the power of politicians, but they do have the heart of humanity. If not us, who then? After all, mir zenen di velt.

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