Monday, September 11, 2017

Seymour Rechtzeit: Vos Geven iz Geven un Nito (1995)

Yiddish Performance of the Week

Seymour Rechtzeit: Vos Geven iz Geven un Nito (“What Was, Was, and Is No More;”1995): In “Great Songs of the American Yiddish Stage: Part 4: Schmaltz and Strudel,” the Milken Archive of Jewish Music writes about this song, written by David Meyerowitz [1867–1943]: “Meyerowitz wrote Vos geven iz geven un nito (What Was, Was, and Is No More) for a vaudeville star, Sam Klinetsky, who rejected it as too sentimental. Meyerowitz published it anyway, in 1926, with an English subtitle, ‘Memories of Days Gone By.’ It was made famous initially by Nellie Casman, one of the leading stars of the Yiddish stage, and was subsequently sung by such luminaries as Sophie Tucker, Lillian Shaw, Aaron Lebedeff, and Seymour Rechtzeit (1912–2002), who performed the song for the Milken Archive’s cameras in 1995.”


  1. Where can I find the Yiddish lyrics for this song - not a transliteration? Thank you.

  2. I could not find the lyrics on any of the Yidisher sites; the only person whom I would think would know is Dr. Neil W. Levin of the Milken Archive of Jewish Music. I will try to contact him and make such a request.


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