Monday, January 29, 2018

Foghorn Leghorn: Little Boy Boo (1954)

American Comedy

America’s Pastime: Eggbert Jr., the bookish son of Miss Prissy, the widow hen, picks up baseball quick enough, even if he takes things literally, like “putting some pepper on the ball.” For more background on “Little Boy Boo,” go [here].

The large Rhode Island rooster, Foghorn Leghorn, sporting a a central Virginia accent, appears earnest in his attempts, even if he comes across as obnoxious and overbearing. The boy’s skills are out of this world and do not match what his small stature suggests, leaving Mr. Leghorn to declaim: “There is something going on around here that just don’t add up.”

Probably so; the events are far beyond his understanding, limited by his lack of awareness, his lack of sensibility, and his lack of humility. Such character traits are rare, and at times used to be found in leaders, whether economic or political. Now, all it takes is ambition, drive, a take-charge attitude and money, not exactly a good combination for their subordinates.

As for the rooster, he remains blithely ignorant; such incongruity makes for some funny moments in that the actual does not meet expectations, and where the quiet thoughtful one outwits the loudmouth and thus comes out on top. It is all the more funny because today this rarely takes place. In America, for example, un gros bouffon can become president.

Such is American (tragi)comedy at its best.