Monday, January 22, 2018

One Froggy Evening (1955)

American Comedy

One Froggy Evening and Michigan J. Frog (the voice of Bill Roberts, a nightclub entertainer in Los Angeles in the 1950s).

I remember seeing this on “The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour” either in the late 1960s or the early ’70s, when it was on Saturday evenings at 5:30 p.m (CBC-TV; 1969–1975). That was the night that my mother made hot dogs and french fries. What a great evening it was for me and my brothers. You can read more  about this cartoon [here], which, among its many virtues, says that you can’t count on a singing frog to make you rich. At least this is not the case for the construction worker, a common man, who can only dream about obtaining some of it—a small slice of the pie. It is indeed fortunate that for now such dreams do not cost money. And, yet, I suspect that if they could be monetized, if a way could be found to do so by corporate interests, they would. (A smartphone in every hand, anyone; or better, still, directly connected to the brain?) Perish the thought: for some reason, now I feel like having some fries and listening to “Hello! Ma Baby” and “The Michigan Rag.”