Monday, January 8, 2018

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Chuckles the Clown (1975)

Chuckles Bites the Dust, an episode (Season 6; Episode 7) of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” one of the best that American television comedy has to offer.
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Mary Tyler Moore [1936–2017] was called “America’s sweetheart,” but there is more to this woman than her TV image, which, of course, can apply to anyone who is an actor or actress. She let down her guard in this 1979 interview with Barbara Walters.

This episode, which aired originally on October 25, 1975, shows that in the hands of good writers and actors even a funeral can be funny. The show produced (by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns) 168 episodes, airing on CBS-TV between September 19, 1970 and March 19, 1977.

Again, the ensemble cast was as good as it gets: Mary Tyler Moore (Mary Richards), Ed Asner (Lou Grant), Gavin Macleod (Murray Slaughter) and Ted Knight (Ted Baxter). There was also Betty White (Sue Ann Nivens) and Valerie Harper (Rhoda Morgenstern) to round out the cast.

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