Friday, April 6, 2018

Roman Grinberg: Ikh Un Di Velt (2014)

Yiddish Poetry & Music

Ikh Un Di Velt (“The World and I”) is here played and sung by Roman Grinberg [born in 1962 in Belz, Moldova] based on a poem by Avrom Reyzen (also spelled Avraham Reisin).
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 Avrom Reyzen [born in 1876 in Koidanov, eastern Belorussia–died in 1953 in New York City] was a Yiddish writer, poet and editor. This is one of his best-known poems. As the Milken Archive of Jewish Music says: “[The poem] places the speaker at one with a suffering world. Neither he nor the entire world can help each other; neither has happiness to offer: “as we both suffer, the world has nowhere to come; and I have nowhere to go.” Ven di gantse velt volt laydn, mir aleyn zol gut zayn bloyz. For more, go [here] and [here].

Ikh Un Di Velt
Poem by Avrom Reyzen
Music by Roman Grinberg

Were the entire world to suffer,
And only I were well, I would then invite the entire world into my home. I would comfort her and caress her, And say, “World, do not worry,” Until she would come back to herself, And stand on her own again. Were the world happy, And I alone laden with sorrow, Then I would go over to her And demand, “Give me happiness!”... But as we both suffer, Both the world and I, The world has nowhere to come, And I have nowhere to go….