Monday, April 9, 2018

Vladimir Horowitz: The 1968 Concert at Carnegie Hall

Vladimir Horowitz [born in 1903 in Kiev, Ukraine–died in 1989 in New York City], in his first TV concert, which took place at Carnegie Hall in New York City, on September 22, 1968.

Vladimir Horowitz, who is 64 here, plays phenomenally well. Horowitz was a self described “19th-century Romantic,” who played from the heart. In an obituary (“Vladimir Horowitz, Titan of the Piano, Dies; November 6, 1989) after his death, published in The New York Times, Bernard Holland writes: Lessons on the piano at home began at the age of 3, then formal training at 6. He studied both the piano and composition at the Kiev Conservatory and in his early years leaned more toward a life of composing. His musical talent was apparent from an early age.” He first played at Carnegie Hall 40 years earlier, in 1928 (on January 12th), when he made his American debut at the age of 24. For the next 60 years he was among a handful of beloved classical pianists in America.