Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Charlie Chaplin’s Easy Street (1917)

Charlie Chaplin and Easy Street (1917): The site, Charlie Chaplin, writes of this film: “The look and feel of Easy Street evoke the South London of his childhood (the name “Easy Street” suggests “East Street,” the street of Chaplin’s birthplace). Poverty, starvation, drug addiction, and urban violence—subjects that foreshadow the social concerns in his later films—are interwoven in ‘an exquisite short comedy’ wrote critic Walter Kerr, ‘humor encapsulated in the regular rhythms of light verse’ (23).” It is hard to imagine that people lived like this; and yet a good many still do in western civilization. Look at how civilized we have become! Chaplin was right; only satire can work in this case.
Courtesy: Youtube