Friday, May 25, 2018

Lilian Wald, Nursing NYC’s Lower East Side

Photo of the Day

Lilian Wald [born in 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio–died in 1940 in Westport, Connecticut] is shown here posing with great dignity in this undated photo. This woman accomplished so much in her mission to create a more just society, a mission that I heartily endorse. When for example, she opened the Henry Street Settlement, located in New York City’s Lower East Side, in 1893, she created the idea of public health nursing, an idea which is implemented today among nursing professionals and nursing practitioners. Wald accomplished much during the American Progressive era (1890–1920), when America was open to such ideas. What she did and accomplished was beyond anything that can be measured in a quantitative way; for one, she helped restore both a sense of hope and dignity to people who initially did not have much. We would be pleased if we were able to accomplish half as much as Ms. Wald did in her life. Anne M. Filiaci, Ph.D., writes the following on a site dedicated to Wald: “Within a few years the Henry Street Settlement had become a vibrant neighborhood center, offering residents of the Lower East Side not only nursing services, but a playground and a kindergarten, afterschool programs, classes for adults, boys’ and girls’ clubs, mothers’ groups, day trips and vacations to the country, summer camps, a theater, and the myriad other activities that came to be associated with the settlement house movement.”
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