Monday, May 7, 2018

Neil Postman and Information Overload (1990)

“I think technology understood is a great Faustian bargain. Technology that giveth and technology taketh away. If we understand that tale, then with every new technology we would have to ask, ‘What will it give us and what will it take?’”
Neil Postman
December 8, 1990

Neil Postman [1931–2003] being interviewed on Richard Heffner’s Open Mind on December 8, 1990. “The Open Mind,” on PBS-TV, was first broadcast in May 1956, broadcast from CUNY TV Studios. A public affairs show that conducts interviews with people who had important ideas, the show was hosted by Richard Heffner [1925–2013] from its inception in 1956 until his death in 2013. Prof Heffner was a professor of communications and public policy at Rutgers University; for a long time he taught the course, “Communication and Human Values.”His grandson, Alexander Heffner, has taken over as the program’s host.
ViaYoutube & The Open Mind

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