Sunday, May 13, 2018

Neil Postman: The End of Education (1995)

Moral Education

Neil Postman on “The End of Education” (1995), based on his book of the same name. In Prof. Postman’s talk, the word “end” also means purpose. Such describes the crux of the problem; whatever purpose modern educators have ought to be re-examined in light of what he says in his book, The End of Education, published in 1995. “The preparation for making a living... is well served by any decent education” (32–33). “Here it is necessary to say that no reasonable argument can be made against educating the young to be consumers or to think about the kinds of employment that might interest them. But when these are elevated to the status of a metaphysical imperative, we are being told that we have reached the end of our wits—even worse, the limit of our wisdom” (35–36).
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