Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Four Lions of Montréal’s Parc du Mont-Royal

Photo of the Day

One of the Four Lions surrounding the Monument of George-Étienne Cartier at Montréal’s Parc du Mont-Royal. I have many fond memories of playing on and around these mighty bronze lions, symbolic of majesty, freedom and beauty, in the 1960s, when we lived in the area, in such close proximity to the park/“mountain.” The monument was made by sculptor George William Hill [1862–1934]; on the top is a winged female figure, La Renommée, and the whole beautiful installation was inaugurated on September 6, 1919 in the heart of Fletcher's Field, on av du Parc, on the west side. For more, go [here] and [here] and [here].
Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons