Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cats Cradle by Jonathan Napolitano (2018)

A Cat Haven

“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he, who is cruel to living creatures, cannot be a good man. Moreover, this compassion manifestly flows from the same source whence arise the virtues of justice and loving-kindness towards men. ”
Arthur Schopenhauer [1788–1860], 
The Basis of Morality (1840), p. 233

Cat Lovers: Some people are really fond of cats, real cat lovers (ailurophiles). Such is exemplified in a short piece on a cat-dedicated couple that Emily Buder posted for The Atlantic (June 19th 2018): “Cats are like potato chips, reads a sign in Bruce and Terry Jenkins’s home. You can’t just have one! In fact, the Jenkinses have 30. They have devoted their retirement to caring for this plethora of elderly cats, transforming their home over the years into a makeshift feline senior center. ‘It’s kind of a big family,’ says Terry Jenkins in Jonathan Napolitano’s short documentary, Cats Cradle. ‘It gives me the opportunity to be with more cats than I possibly could ever have imagined.’” This is not a “cat lady” who has been ascribed societal attributes of eccentricity or of craziness in her devotion to elderly cats; no, this is a cat couple who share the same love of animals. There is nothing wrong with that, and a whole lot that is right. Beautiful to watch these furry felines and the humans who tend to them. There is much good and truth in what Schopenhaeur says.
Courtesy: The Atlantic; Youtube

Happy Canada Day (Fête du Canada) to my fellow Canadians; I am taking some time off and will return in August.