Friday, August 31, 2018

Cantor Joseph Malovany: Jewish Music in Jerusalem (2005)

Jewish Music in Jerusalem: A Cantorial Concert with Joseph Malovany (2005) with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Shtainer. Malovany, who was born and raised in Tel Aviv, left Israel in 1963, first going to South Africa and then to England, before coming to America. He has been the hazzan (cantor) of the Fifth Avenue Synagogue, a modern Orthodox shul, in New York City since 1973 and the distinguished professor of liturgical music at the Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music of Yeshiva University since 1985. Chazan Malovany is a strong believer in Nusach (נוסח‬), a foundational idea in Judaism in how to sing or chant the words properly, by keeping in mind the liturgical tradition, which some say goes all the way back to Sinai. On this note and more, there is a good recent interview with Chazan Malovany on the Chabad-Lubavitch site on how to prepare for the High Holy Days or High Holidays, starting with Rosh HaShanah on 1 Tishrei 5779, in less than 10 days; see [here].
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