Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Daniel Ahaviel at New York’s Avery Fisher Hall (2014)

Daniel Ahaviel, an Israeli Hasidic violinist, playing at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall (renamed David Geffen Hall in September 2016) in New York City. Ahaviel did not grow up Hasidic or even moderately observant while growing up as Daniel Wistrich in northwest London more than 50 years ago. Ahaviel moved to Israel in 1988 and married soon after; in the years since then he and his wife became more observant. Now he identifies as a Breslov Hasid. This is apparent in his musical approach and style and the energy with which he plays and performs. His life story is an extraordinary as his playing. For more on his early growing up years, there is an article (“String Theory;” May 9, 2012), by Rachel Ginsberg, in Mishpacha.
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