Friday, August 10, 2018

Jewish Life in Krakow (1939)

Jewish Life in Krakow is archival footage that forms part of the collection of The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive of Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It depicts an aspect of Jewish life in prewar Poland, in its chief  cultural centre, a city where Jews contributed a great deal. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum writes that “on the eve of the war some 56,000 Jews resided in Krakow, almost one-quarter of a total population of about 250,000.” After the war, the numbers tell a different story, writes JewishGen: “In 1948, the post-holocaust Jewish population had been decimated to about 5,900, and by 1978, the number had dwindled to a mere 600.” Along with the death of the men, women and children was the death of a rich and vibrant Yiddish culture. A culture cannot be sustained without people who give it life. Mayle, what was destroyed by human hands can never be regained, only remembered with great sadness. Vos iz geven iz geven.
Via: Youtube