Thursday, September 6, 2018

Cantors Yossele Rosenblatt & Samuel Malavsky: Seudas Moshiach

Cantors Yossele Rosenblatt [1882–1933] & Samuel Malavsky [1894–1985] sing Seudas Moshiach” in a wonderful duet; the Yiddish folk song is also called “A Sudenyu.” I could not find out when this particular recording was made, but it had to be before 1933. If anyone has such details, please contact me. You can also hear a version by the great operatic tenor, Jan Peerce [1904–1984],  [here].
Via: Youtube

Seudas Moshiach

Zog zhe rebenyu vos vet zayn ven meshiakh vet kumen? Ven meshiakh vet kumen? veln mir makhn a sudenyu. Vos veln mir esn oyf dem sudenyu? Dem shoyr ha-bor, leviyasan veln mir esn oyf dem sudenyu. Vos veln mir trinken oyf dem sudenyu? Dem yayin ha-meshumor veln mir trinkn oyf dem sudenyu. Un ver vet uns toyre zogn oyf dem sudenyu? Moyshe rabenyu vet uns toyre zogn. oyf dem sudenyu. Un ver vet uns shpiln oyf dem sudenyu? Dovid ha-melekh vet uns shpiln. oyf dem sudenyu. Un ver vet uns khokhme zogn oyf dem sudenyu? Shloymoy ha-melekh vet uns khokhme zogn. oyf dem sudenyu. Un ver vet tantsn oyf dem sudeynu? Miryam ha-naviya vet uns tantsn. oyf dem sudenyu.

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