Thursday, November 29, 2018

An Ordinary Man Speaking For Ordinary People During These Changing Times: Harry Leslie Smith [1923–2018]

The Common Good

Harry Leslie Smith [1923–2018] dedicated his life to the common good, raging against poverty, fascism and the dismantling of public health care—such becoming all too common among western democracies that once were liberal and now are neoliberal, unduly and perniciously influenced by corporations and elitist corporate interests who had the money and the means to change the way governments governed and made policy—a downward slide for the common man that began in the late 1970s. No doubt, Smith’s upbringing during the Great Depression, his service during the Second World War and his life experiences as a working man guided his views, as is the case with us all, including me. Smith was neither an elitist nor a politician, but, rather, a person with a moral vision. We can all look to his example; and many happily did. The CBC writes: “‘I am the world’s oldest rebel,’ said Harry Leslie Smith, a prominent anti-poverty activist who authored several books on the Great Depression, the Second Word War and postwar austerity, has died in an eastern Ontario hospital.” He was 95.
Via: Youtube & CBC News