Monday, November 26, 2018

Green Bins, Composting & Vegetable Gardens

Planet Ecology

Keeping it Green: Now that we no longer reside in a high-rise building, but live in a townhouse, we can take part in putting food scraps and other biodegradables in our green bin, which is collected weekly by the City and used for green purposes. We can also start composting, which we will add to the vegetable garden we expect to plant in our backyard in the upcoming Spring. Nature will do what it does best. Such is one of the advantages and benefits and might I add, pleasures, as well as responsibilities, of living in a house that has a parcel of earth-based land. It might be a small plot but it will serve our purposes for a small garden and a bit of greenery.
Photo Credit: ©2018. Perry J. Greenbaum

Proposed Vegetable Garden: This narrow strip along the fence will make an excellent site for our new vegetable garden; it is near here where our small composter will be placed, not far from our kitchen, from where the food scraps “feeding it” will emanate. I can’t wait till Spring to turn over the soil, to get my hands into the black earth to plant seeds. I can’t wait till Spring to start planting tomatoes, cukes and bell peppers. Maybe even some raspberries, a favourite of my ten-year-old son, although I understand this plant takes a little more preparation and care. Even so, only less than six months to go. I am already imagining in my mind what it will look like.
Photo Credit: ©2018. Perry J. Greenbaum