Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Dazzling Male Duck of Manhattan

Natural Beauty

Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata): Des Shoe writes for the New York Times about a rare and beautiful sighting of a male duck not native to NYC: “He’s a Mandarin duck, and his species is native to East Asia. He should not be paddling in the Pond in Central Park, and yet there he is. Nobody is sure how he got to Manhattan, but he appears healthy and is getting along well with the local mallards. His glorious plumage is already attracting fans. ‘As far as the colors are concerned, only nature can provide that,’ said Juan Jimenez, a 74-year-old photographer who has been taking pictures of the park for decades. ‘We could try to paint it, but you won’t be able to.’” There has also been a sighting in Canada, in Vancouver, British Columbia, of another male with equally colorful plumage. Perhaps one or two can come to Toronto to brighten up our city. For more on these beautiful ducks, go [here].
Courtesy: EJ Bartolazo; NYT