Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Many Ways Climate Change Affects Us All

Earth Our Only Home

The Many Ways: Scientists have come up with an all-encompassing and clever graphic to show how climate change affects us all. The journal Nature writes: “Researchers found 467 ways in which human health, water, food, economy, infrastructure and security have been recently impacted by climate hazards such as warming, heatwaves, precipitation, drought, floods, fires, storms, sea-level rise and changes in natural land cover and ocean chemistry. ” Earth, after all, is our only home, and apart from science fiction and fantasy fiction, it shall remain so indefinitely. But what kind of home has it become in the face of extreme climate that is to a large part human-induced? The current way of life is imperilled by the current way that we live and go about our daily lives; the scientific evidence is both conclusive and unequivocal. The planet will not change back by itself; this is wishful thinking and there is not a shred of scientific evidence to support this assertion. It will take human effort. There is work that can be done now to mitigate against the changes now upon us. As a minimum, we have a moral and ethical obligation to take care of our home—the only one we know and love. This will require a change in habits on our part, even ones that are deeply ingrained in our thinking. This will not be easy, especially for us older ones, but with imagination and will, it can be done. More on this subject in another future post.

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