Sunday, December 2, 2018

Jacqueline du Pré and the London Symphony Orchestra: Dvořák Cello Concerto (1968)

Dvořák Cello Concerto in B minor, opus 104, B. 191, performed by by Jacqueline du Pré and the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, England, on September 2, 1968. For more, see [here].

This concert was held in tribute to the people of Czechoslovakia, taking place days after the Soviet Union invaded this country (August 20–September 20, 1968), thus crushing the people’s aspirations and hopes for freedom. It would take another twenty years, with the Fall of the Soviet Union, for this to be realized. Such is a hopeful reminder that evil regimes do not last forever, even if at the time they seem that they will never end, causing much misery to those under its boot. But they do end, and when they do, they collapse for the reasons that they no longer have the support of the People. Music and the Arts go a long way to keep People mindful of this, bringing beauty, truth and justice to the forefront. Enjoy this wonderful performance.

The Concert

1. Allegro 0:00
2. Adagio, ma non troppo 16:10
3. Finale 29:01

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