Saturday, December 1, 2018

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 (2014)

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 7 in A major, opus 92, by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, conducted by Iván Fischer, at the Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on January 9–10, 2014. Beethoven completed this four-movement symphony around 1812 in the Bohemian spa town of Teplice, where he went to improve his health. Beethoven himself conducted this piece in Vienna, Austria, on December 8, 1813. In Notes on Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, Christopher H. Gibbs writes for NPR as to its immediate appeal, one that continues two centuries later: “After its premiere, the Seventh Symphony was repeated three times in the following 10 weeks; at one of the performances the ‘applause rose to the point of ecstasy,’ according to a newspaper account. The Leipzig Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung reported that ‘the new symphony (A major) was received with so much applause, again. The reception was as animated as at the first time; the Andante [sic] (A minor), the crown of modern instrumental music, as at the first performance, had to be repeated.’ The Symphony's appeal is not hard to understand. In scope and intensity, it is fully Beethovenian, and yet it does not place quite as many demands on the listener as does the ‘Eroica.’ The ambition of the first movement, beauty of the second, the breathlessness of the scherzo, and relentless energy of the finale did not fail to impress audiences. Beethoven himself called it ‘one of the happiest products of my poor talents.’”
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