Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Zombies: Time of the Season (1968)

Time of the Season by the Zombies [1962–1967], a British rock band, was  recorded for their 1968 album Odessey and Oracle (it is the last of 12 tracks). It is sung by Colin Blunstone. Written by keyboard player Rod Argent, it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, in London, in August 1967.

This was the season of peace and love, of hippies, of the sexual revolution, of changing mores and of changing morals; at least such was the case for many young persons in their late teens and early twenties, post high school. I was only 10, so I was not so much a part of it as an observer. I did, however, enjoy the music from a safe distance, thus avoiding the pitfalls of the sexual revolution and much of the dark overtones of despair and alienation, which planted the seeds of the Me Generation—it and its many mutations are in full bloom today. I post this as an example of the musical influences of my generation, the Baby Boomers [people born between 1946 and 1964], although I was by all accounts at the tail end of it all. In school, I was never considered cool or part of any popular group, although I always had friends. I am a spiritual person,a seeker of truth, and have always seemed to walk my own way in pursuit of such important and fundamental existential truths.  Seek with a sincere heart; seek the truth; seek and you shall find.

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