Saturday, May 18, 2019

Wham! in China (1985)

Wham! [1981–1986]a British pop duo composed of George Michael [1963–2016], lead singer; and Andrew Ridgeley, guitarist; it toured China for 10 days in April 1985, the first by a western pop group. The documentary film, Wham! in China: Foreign Skies (1986), was released a year later. One could argue that there was more freedom in China then than there is now; but, then again, one could also argue that there was more freedom then in the world than there is now. People might reasonably argue about how much or how little freedom a society of inhabitants ought to have, but few would argue against the idea of freedom itself. Well, except for tyrants and totalitarians, who often deny the very freedoms that they themselves enjoy. Dissent can no doubt be silenced, as can speech; and as a result, the human spirit can undoubtedly be troubled and harassed, but it cannot be forever quenched, let alone vanquished. With and for good reason. Freedom, particularly freedom of expression, an outgrowth of freedom of thought and conscience, is always an inherent and fundamental need in all human beings; when it becomes repressed (or corrupted) through various means, it still comes out, perhaps not always in the best ways or forms, but it still comes out, chiefly because of sheer necessity. Such is a great part of being human.
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