Monday, July 22, 2019

Bob Dylan on The Studs Terkel Program (1963)

Bob Dylan [born in 1941] on “The Studs Terkel Program” (May 1, 1963).
Via: Youtube & Open Culture

Bob Dylan had just finished recording the songs for his second album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, when he traveled from New York to Chicago to play a gig at a little place partly owned by his manager, Albert Grossman, called The Bear. The next day he went to the WFMT studios for the hour-long appearance on “The Studs Terkel Program.” Studs Terkel [1912–2008] is a wonderful interviewer, a master of allowing others to tell the story.

Dylan sings a number of his songs on this program:

1) Farewell
2) A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall 
3) Bob Dylan's Dream 
4) Boots of Spanish Leather 
5) John Brown 
6) Blowin' In The Wind

If you think about it, Dylan’s songs are about freedom of one sort of another, about the basic freedoms and human dignity, which are more often than not denied us humans. An injustice done in the name of law, whether religious or secular, remains the same injustice. The human need for freedom is never fully realized—the freedom to be the way you see yourself.

When agents of the government and agents of religion act as they do in a cruel manner, by denying human freedom, they do so for a number of reasons, but deep down (often way deep down) they know that none are just; all reasons given are cruel, a betrayal of anything that is good in them. But they do not see (or feel); or perhaps they deny what they see (or feel) as good.