Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Loving Your Children (2019)

Beautiful Children

The Office of Missing Children (2019), posted on Youtube and on The Atlantic site itself on the continuing cruel and inhumane policies of the current American Administration.
ViaYoutube & The Atlantic.

Sadly, this is not a fictional movie or a cartoon, although it appears in such a manner, but an everyday reality for thousands of migrant children escaping with their parents from nations where there is no hope of a better life. Quite the opposite; they are escaping danger, and doing the only sensible thing that they can.

Despite the United States having made an error in its immigration policies, a mistake in judgment and a mistake in moral decision-making, it still remains a beacon of hope, for one, because such cruelty is shown for what it is and nothing more. This is what good journalism does—shines a light on injustice. This is always good and necessary.

In this piece, The Atlantic writes (What Happened to Wilson?; September 10, 2019), quoting and giving voice to a concerned neighbor:
“I was home when I saw two vans pull up. They opened the van, and out came the kids. They were all walking in a line. I don’t know what’s actually going on in there. I hope they’re okay.” When a concerned neighbor sent this to Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, Aura Bogado went to investigate. Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/ind... "The Office of Missing Children" was directed by Michael Schiller and reported by Aura Bogado, both from Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.
Now, call me crazy or sentimental, but I imagine myself in the shoes of such migrant parents whose children are taken away—for having the audacity of desiring to escape harm and wanting safety in a nation whose whole historical narrative is to provide such sanctuary. Well, I think my response is human, and not crazy at all. All good parents love their children. The inhumane response, starting with indifference, then rationalization and justification and escalating to hatred, is something alien to most of us.

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