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I regularly invite contributors (Guest Voices), who give their original views on important issues that shape our democratic institutions and societies worldwide. Having contributors ensures that various voices are heard, one important aspect of democracy. That being said, each contributor has helped make this blog what it has become: an essential and fundamental resource on leading and living “a life of compassion, understanding, intellectual honesty, learning & imagination.” 

This is more than a tagline or a phrase; there is deeper meaning behind it—a commitment to humanity and the moral good within the reach of many, if not most, humans. I humbly thank each contributor for his commitment to this blog. For the record, our contributors include the following persons, duly noted in alphabetical order:

Rafik Baladi

Salomon Benzimra

Jacob Greenbaum

Steven Greenberg

Prof George Jochnowitz

Sheldon Levy

Rosa Sala Rose

Prof Gad Saad

Lorna Salzman

David Solway

Raizel Stenge

Mark S. Tucker

Emily Walsh

Simcha Wasserman

Note: The views of the contributors do not necessarily represent my views. Submissions are welcome; for more information, please see Submission Guidelines.