The Happy Curmudgeon

Here are all the posts that “The Happy Curmudgeon” wrote for his weekly Friday column. He is a persona, one of many, a fictional character, an imaginary being who holds ideas that are as real as you and me, with which the authorial voice might or might not agree, and yet gives food for thought.

July 28, 2017: Healing the Sores

July 21, 2017: Dreams of Peace

July 14, 2017: Helping Others

July 7, 2017: Defending Journalism

June 30, 2017: Welcoming Immigration

June 16, 2017: Finding ‘The Comforters’

June 9, 2017: Second-Guessing Experts

June 2, 2017: Appreciating Beauty

May 26, 2017: The Individual

May 19, 2017: White Socks

May 12, 2017: Knowing Goodness

May 5, 2017: Ascending Higher

April 28, 2017: Work Ethics

April 21, 2017: Old Movies

April 14, 2017: Celebrate Your Victories

April 7, 2017: Barking Dogs

March 31, 2017: Making It As a Writer

March 24, 2017: The Taste of Tomatoes

March 17, 2017: Sufficient Freedom

March 10, 2017: Holding On

March 3, 2017: A Man Provides

February 24, 2017: Made in China

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